Tank Gauging that suits you!

Whether you have a small domestic site or a large forecourt, there is always a choice of tank gauge for your needs.

The Franklin Fueling automatic tank gauge range is second to none!

Whether you are from a Retail background, Commercial or Industrial, there are 1000s of options to choose from and at HFS we are here to help!

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We carry out all types of inspections on this type of equipment throughout the United Kingdom to help customers with their specific requirements.

  • Annual Maintenance Checks
  • Pressure System Diagnostics
  • Generator Fuel Management
  • External Alarm Systems
  • Modbus Protocol
  • BMS Integration
  • External Remote Monitoring.
  • Tank Control

Annual Maintenance

We provide customers with Annual Maintenance inspections to ensure every part of there equipment installed is operating correctly. The tank gauges can be used with pressure systems from bespoke sites which tells different pumps inside your fuel tanks to turn on.

The maintenance we provide not only looks after the pumps connected to the tank gauge but also the electronic line leak detection being monitored by our tank gauge.


Pressure system Diagnostics

Bespoke Sites have Pressure Systems which in tern have a lot going on to start with. Electronic Line leak detections, Pressure check valves, Internal submersible pumps the list goes on. Have no doubt though as we are on hand to take care of everything. We specialise in this type of equipment and have expert engineers that take pride in installing and looking after your fuel.


 External Alarm Systems

With most places, you tend to have a large amount of different equipment monitoring a variety of monitoring systems. With this tank gauge it can be programmed to take external signal alarms which might not usually get noticed.

E.g. Tank Leak Detection Alarm units can be wired to your tank gauge which in tern will alarm on your BMS system or Remote Software

If you tank gauge is programmed and installed with the correct kit, you could be at home when you get the alarm through straight to your phone. This type of equipment can and will save you in the long run.



Afriso Tank Contents Gauge

  • Suitable with diesel, biodiesel, oils, water & AdBlue®.
  • Readout can be sited up to 20m away from tank. Hydrostatic gauge.
  • Universal tank adaptor 1”, 1½” & 2” M BSPP. Integral wall mounting holes.
  • Digital display shows litres, cm & %.
  • Suits tanks from 0‑4m diesel (water/AdBlue® 3.5m).
  • Max tank volume 99,999L.
  • Powered by a 9V battery (supplied) no need to remove front cover to replace.
  • Battery bar shows remaining life.
  • Suitable with linear, spherical & horizontal cylindrical tanks only.
  • % alarm 0‑100% display flashes red & gives visual warning, no audible alarm.
  • Display comes on after you press any button, gives tank level reading, has a backlight, times out after 60 seconds.
  • Compatible with existing UNITOP/UNITEL gauge probes so upgrading is simple.
  • Dimensions 188mm H x 100mm W x 65mm D.


Afriso can not only just monitor your level of fuel within your tanks, its can also monitor the tank secondary lining. See below for “Environmental Leak Detection”


Environmental Leak Detection


Where can it be used?

Single or Multiple Tank Gauging for any liquid or solid. Any tank shape can be programmed in this system. Designed for Safe area installation.  (For EexiaIIc, Atex Zone 0/1 can be accommodated, see Z5020-ATEX Family)


Sensor Types

Any 4-20 milliamp device can be used to measure the product.  As standard OLE utilise pressure transmitters. (12 months warranty)

Options of Ultrasonic and Radar are available.

DP sensors are offered for pressurised tanks, either intrusive for ambient liquids, or external for cryogenic applications. See T5020-ATEX Family



The T5020 provides an RS485 Modbus RTU connection into any suitable reader, or can be made into a remote gauge by the addition of an OLE  T3100 GPRS web logger and Theft detector and e-mailer.

More to come – Come back soon!